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Andy was born and raised in Framingham, MA. He first became involved in music at age 4 and quickly earned a name for himself locally as a bright, energetic young performer. He grew up a promising musical talent from the area.

He spent his time listening to artists like T.I, Eminem, and Jay-Z. He became passionate for writing and began making beats on a keyboard he had been given. This led to an obsession with producing and writing his own music. When he wasn’t making his own music, Andy was freestyling over his favorite beats and remixing any instrumental he could get his hands on. Andy was quickly regarded as a promising emcee/rapper, recognized for his raw approach, storytelling, and wordplay.

“It’s crazy ’cause hip/hop influences people the way it does because you have a chance to say so much. More than you’ll get in one listen. Also, you feel it when it’s real. That’s what I strive to put in the music.”